Film and Video Production Crews & Support
Milwaukee - Chicago - Madison - Green Bay
FRESH COAST™ Production Resources has studios, sound stages and post-production facilities throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.
Fresh Coast Production Resources provides film and video production crews & support in Milwaukee, Chicago, Madison and Green Bay.
NEED A STUDIO in Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison or Green Bay?

No Hassles. No Worries.

Over the years we’ve developed strong working relationships with studios, sound stages, and post-production facilities throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

This shows the Fresh Coast Studios green screen production sound stage.

Whether it’s a simple talking head against green screen or an elaborate sound stage production, we can provide the right solutions at the right price. Want to edit in a real post production facility rather than your hotel room? Need access to an audio recording studio? We can make it happen.

This is a white infinite cyc video/film studio rigged for a typical FRESH COAST™ Production Resources shoot.

While the main focus of Wisconsin Video Production Connection is film and video crews, equipment and location support in Wisconsin, we also have the resources to provide out-of-state producers with virtual reality video shooting studios, sound stages, and a full spectrum of video and audio post-production services.

FRESH COAST™ can provide a full spectrum of video, film and audio post-production services.

Audio recording studios with mixing/mastering capabilities are readily available from FRESH COAST™ Production Resources.

Tell us what you’re shooting, where, and when. We’ll make it happen.

Wisconsin Film & Video Studios and Post Production