In-studio film-video soundstage production with complete crew and production support Wisconsin Milwaukee
Every producer likes the comfort level of working with crew people they know and trust. We certainly do. Unfortunately, it’s often just not feasible to fly them, house them, and feed them on out-of-town shoots. We know what’s going through your mind when you get on that plane. Will the crew know what they’re going? Will they show up at the right place at the right time? We know because We’ve been there.

When you’re shooting in Wisconsin or Northern Illinois, let FCPR increase your “comfort level” by assembling a crew of people we’ve come to know and trust over the past 25 years. We won’t let you down. We can’t afford to. Like you, every time we take on a production, we’re putting our reputation on the line.
Directors of Photography
Assistant Directors
Camera Operators
Assistant Camera Ops
Sound Mixers
Video Techs
Key Grips
Dolly, Jib & Crane Operators
Production Coordinators
Production Assistants
Script Supervisors
Still Photographers
Teleprompter Operators


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